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Kewpie Japanese Soy Sesame Dressing 380ml

Even the fragrant roasted rice is tastefully finished.

Water, Soy Sauce (Defatted Soybeans, Wheat, Salt, Soybeans, Water), Vegetable Oil, High Fructose Corn Syrup (Corn Starch, Potato Starch, Sweet Potato Starch), Vinegar (Water, Alcohol), Rice Fermented Seasoning (Rice Fermented Liquid, Glucose, Isomerized Sugar Syrup, Starch Syrup, Sugar, Alcohol, Salt, Water), Sesame, Salt, Chinese Chilli Bean Sauce (Salted Red Pepper, Salt, Miso Paste), Roasted Onion Powder (Dextrin, Onion Extract, Roasted Onion Paste, Sautéed Onion, Onion Powder, Chicken Extract, Yeast Extract, Food Primarily Composed of Milk, Sugar, Margarine, Salt, Soybean Protein), Garlic, Flavoured Oil (Rapeseed Oil, Onion Powder) Seasoning (Monosodium L-Glutamate), Edible Gum, Spice Extract (Onion Extract, Paprika Extract)
Contains: Soybeans, Wheat, Sesame

Product Code: 55284

Product Packaging: Bottle

Available in: 380ml

Content /Carton: (380ml x 6) x 2

Shelf Life: 12 mths

Nutrition Facts Per 100ml Per Serving 15ml
Energy (kcal) 239 39
Protein (g) 3.9 0.59
Fat (g) 20.2 3.03
Carbohydrate (g) 10.3 1.55
Sodium (mg) 1900 285
Salt (g) 4.7 0.71

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