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Category: Pasta & Noodles

Soba Salad

Preparation Time: 20 mins

Enjoy a refreshing Soba Salad packed with flavours. Finish it off with a drizzle of KEWPIE Dressing Yuzu Shoyu for a delightful taste. It is a quick and easy salad that is ready to be savoured.



  • KEWPIE Dressing Yuzu Shoyu45g
  • Dried Soba Noodles220g
  • Japanese Cucumber30g
  • Fresh Ham40g
  • Cherry Tomato15g
  • Salmon Roe10g
  • Shrimp Roe5g

How To Make

  1. Boil dried soba noodles in boiling water. After that, dip it in cold water.
  2. Arrange soba noodles in a bowl. Add Japanese cucumber, fresh ham, cherry tomato, salmon roe and shrimp roe. Pour KEWPIE Dressing Yuzu Shoyu and mix well.
  3. Ready to serve.

Products You Need For This Dish

Kewpie Singapore.
Kewpie Singapore.

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