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Kewpie Singapore.
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Chicken Vermicelli

Preparation Time: 25 mins

Indulge in a culinary delight with our Vermicelli Chicken featuring the irresistible flavors of Kewpie Black Vinegar Onion and Kewpie Yuzu Shoyu Dressing. This recipe is not only a time-saving hack but also a guarantee of absolute deliciousness!




    How To Make

    1. Marinate chicken thigh with KEWPIE Black Vinegar Onion for 1 hour
    2. Heat oil in frying pan / Ninja cooker Sauté mode. Fry chicken for approx 15mins or until fully cooked.
    3. Prepare another bowl and mix ingredients from A together.
    4. Add KEWPIE Yuzu Shoyu. Toss and mix well.
    5. Place Vermicelli salad together with chicken thigh on a plate and serve
    Kewpie Singapore.
    Kewpie Singapore.

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    Kewpie Singapore.

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